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Seattle's Northgate area is targeted to become one of Seattle's largest urban centers. Citizens have put years of planning into advocating for a liveable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. The City Council and the Mayor finally came together in the Fall of 2003 to create processes and government structures that could help this happen. Five years since then, concerned neighborhood residents will still need to remain vigilant to ensure that their interests are represented in the meetings and hearings to come.

Projects to follow:
  • Northgate Area Rezone Proposal which would upzone many properties along or adjacent to Northgate Way
  • Thornton Creek's health and future
  • Pedestrian issues
  • Noise Walls along I-5 from 5th Aave. NE and NE 92nd Street
  • King County's plans for a very large transit center on the West side of the South lot
  • Sound Transit successful ballot measure to bring light rail to Northgate by 2020
  • Waldo Woods
  • Proposed other developments and land use rule changes in the Northgate core and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Lorig's project on Northgate Mall's South Lot - currently under construction
  • The City's progress on 2.7 acres of the South Lot to create a creek "channel" - currently under construction
  • Wallace Properties' progress on a large development at the SE corner of Northgate Way NE and 5th Avenue NE, with a possible second phase to follow - currently under construction

Citizens who want to have an impact need to be organized, with meeting dates, deadlines for public input processes, and names of designated government departments at their fingertips.

The Northgate Activist attempts to bring together many of these threads in one ever-changing tapestry. The webmaster pleads for your involvement in these issues and also in e-mailing the author with any updates.

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  • Mullally's housing redevelopment across from the North side of Northgate Mall

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