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Northgate Stakeholders Group: This group of appointed community members was formed in December 2003 as part of the Northgate framework legislation. There are 22 members representing businesses, labor, North Seattle Community College, developers, Northwest Hospital, transit, large land owners, renters/condo owners, multi-family developers, youth, seniors, Thorton Creek and the five area community groups. The group is charged with providing review and recommendations of various Northgate projects, such as the Northgate Open Space Plan, the Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan and large-scale developments. The public is invited to their regular meetings. They also facilitate forums which bring together many of the business and government entities to update and get comments from the public.

Maple Leaf Community Council serves the North Seattle area between Northgate, Ravenna, Roosevelt and the University Districts, where approximately 20,000 people live. The Land Use and Transportation committee has suspended their separate meeings and invites the public to raise concerns at the general Maple Leaf Community Council meetings held once a quarter. For general information, call Barbara Maxwell @ (206) 524-1502 (

Thornton Creek Alliance promotes the preservation and health of Seattle's largest watershed. The creek has its headwaters in the vicinity of Northgate Mall and North Seattle Community College. General membership meetings are the 2nd Thursday every third month. Call Cheryl Klinker @ (206) 367-4635 for details.

Citizens for a Liveable Northgate monitors and provides input to city officials with regard to planning and on-going development in the Northgate area. The group is a party to the lawsuits that stopped Simon Property Group's General Development Plan for Northgate Mall. Meeting times vary. Please call Jan Brucker @ (206) 526-5342 for details.

Northgate Chamber of Commerce is a group formed to serve the interests of area merchants, which often invites city officials to their meetings. Meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month. Contact (206) 695-4141 for details.

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Thornton Creek Legal Defense Fund has been involved in attempting to daylight Thornton Creek on the South Lot of the Mall for many years through litigation and intense community involvement. It has more recently been a key player in the negotiations with the city to plan the Thornton Creek Channel project. Contact Janet Way @ (206) 365-4477 for details.

The Sierra Club's Cascade Chapter focuses on conservation issues and has taken an interest in the welfare of urban creeks in general and Thornton Creek in particular. A workgroup sponsored a forum at REI in October 2000, which attracted a standing-room-only crowd and many elected officials. The group has followed Northgate environmental issues actively since that time. Contact Lisa Dekker @ (206)367-0863 for more information.

Licton Springs Neighborhood serves the area bounded by Interstate 5 and Hwy. 99, and N. 85th Street and Northgate Way. Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the month, with no meetings in July and December. For location, e-mail the council.

North District Council is an umbrella organization including representatives of many North Seattle community groups. Contact Ed Pottharst @ (206) 386-4232 or via email for information. Their Neighborhoods' Stewardship Committee (contact Cheryl Klinker @ (206) 367-4635) tracks Northgate development issues.

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Pinehurst Community Council serves the community north of Northgate Way and east of Roosevelt Avenue NE. Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of January, April, July and October, and are usually held in the library of the former Pinehurst Elementary School, now the Alternative School #1, 11530 12th Ave NE (use north entrance on 117th). Contact Garth Ferber for details @ (206) 440-8289.

Victory Heights Community Council serves the community between 15th Avenue NE and Roosevelt Ave. NE from 103rd to Northgate Way, and between 15th Avenue NE and Lake City Way from 100th St. NE to 115th St. NE. Meetings are the first Thursday in June, October December and March at the Victory Heights Field House. Contact co-chairs Dorothy Douglas @ (206) 523-4251 or Molly Burke @ (206) 365-5895 for details.

Haller Lake Community Club serves the area between Northgate Way and 145 St. NE from Aurora Ave. NE to 15th Ave. NE. Meetings are the first Thursday of the month, 7 pm at the Haller Lake Clubhouse. For information, contact Larry Smith @ (206) 367-5893 or

King County Conservation Voters (KCCV) is a chapter of Washington Conservation Voters (WCV), which acts in the public interest to elect and support environmentally responsible candidates to office in Washington State. Although KCCV usually does not take positions on issues, they have supported the daylighting of Thornton Creek on the South Lot of the Mall.

The 46th District Democrats is a local grassroots organization located in North Seattle that actively supports Democratic candidates for public office and advocates for progressive public policies at the local, state and federal levels of government. The organization hosts lively monthly meetings where they endorse campaigns, host elected official guest speakers and discuss issues that matter to citizens. Meetings are held at 7:30 pm (informal social time begins at 7 pm) on the third Thursday of each month (except December) at Olympic View Elementary School. More information and a meeting calendar can be found at

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