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Go to a meeting: The neighborhoods in the Northgate area have community councils or other interest groups that welcome public involvement. Government agencies also sponsor meetings to present information, or to seek public involvement or official comment related to specific proposals. Often, elected officials, developers, and government staff are available to answer questions and speak personally with concerned citizens.

Write a letter: Most of the projects occurring at Northgate have, at some point, official comment periods related to their approval processes. Citizens can ask to have public comment periods extended; those deadline extensions may not be widely publicized. Even if the deadline has passed, a letter can get one on the mailing list for future comment periods, meetings, and hearings.

Go online: The City of Seattle's website provides links to departments that have interests in Northgate. Meeting times, agendas and sometimes minutes are posted. Drafts and approved public documents are often online as well. Many community groups have websites of their own, e-mail links, or phone contacts on this site.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the number and scope of the changes at Northgate, especially when lives are busy with other priorities. Be active at whatever level works! But, be active!

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Updated October 25, 2005
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