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Northgate North (Target) building: Word has it that the Olive Garden restaurant and a delicatessen are negotiating leases for ground floor space in the Target complex across from Northgate Mall. (12/14/01)

Security Properties: Details about the Security Properties efforts to buy the south lot of Northgate Mall from Simon Property Group are reported by The Seattle P-I. (12/6/01)

Bank of America Property: The drive-thru on the corner of Northgate Way NE and Fifth Avenue NE, may be slated for demolition. The lot's owners have obtained a to level that property for future development. View the permit. (10/17/01)

Progress on Northgate Mall's South Lot is described in a 10/1/01 article in the Jet City Maven. The article details efforts of daylighting activists to work out a deal with Security Properties.

The Monorail is coming to the fore with the conclusion of the 3-year Intermediate Capacity Study. The 8/22/01 Seattle P-I has the story.

The Thornton Creek Watershed Action Plan's Draft is posted on the web. Check it out!

Sound Transit announced that it will pursue a South rail route at this time. Check out articles in the 6/29/01 Seattle Times or Post-Intelligencer.

Thornton Creek Daylighting Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study has been released in final form by the Thornton Creek Legal Defense Fund and Citizens for Livable Northgate. Representatives of both groups have been contacting key players in the Northgate planning arena to present the report. For further information, contact Janet Way via email or Jan Brucker at (206) 526-5342.

The Jet City Maven (June, 2001) reports on the status of the sale of the South lot of Northgate Mall to Security Properties. Pick up a copy at local libraries or coffee shops.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (April 26, 2001) reports that the 13-acre south lot of Northgate Mall has been sold to Security Properties, of Seattle. To view the story, click here.

The Jet City Maven reports on the possible buyer for Northgate Mall's South Lot in their April 2001 issue.

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The 3/21/2001 Northgate Community Meeting informed a packed audience at Nathan Hale High School about the latest developments in the Northgate saga. The big news for activists is that Security Properties Inc., a Seattle-based developer and owner of multi-family housing, now has an option to buy the South lot of the Mall. They are actively seeking input from the community, particularly within the next 60 days, to help them gauge whether public sentiment will allow them to achieve their vision for the property and whether they should go forward with the deal. If they purchase the property, they intend to set up a community advisory group to be a part of the development process.

Security Properties Inc. has recently won an award for their Poulsbo Place project. They also recently received a Master Use Permit to develop the Red Door property in Fremont. Community relations for the Fremont project were handled by Muir Public Relations and Marketing (contacts Jeanne Muir and Art Brochet @ 206-547-1008), who have also been engaged by the developer to help facilitate the above community information-gathering process. Government entities such as Parks, Metro, Seattle Public Utilites and the Library are also setting up meetings with the developer to explore partnerships. Activists are urged to register opinions during this important time.

Of note, any project involving the entire South lot will still require a General Development Plan (GDP) process, which will allow opportunities for community involvement. On this note, Councilmember Richard Conlin will be proposing changes this summer to the General Development Plan process. Stay tuned for details about whether the proposed changes will strengthen community input into these large development plans.

To address the community's interest in furthering the goals of the 1993 Northgate Comprehensive Plan, two exciting processes will occur. One is the development of neighborhood-specific design review guidelines for Northgate, which Michael Kimelberg at DCLU will spearhead. Contact him (206-684-4625) if you are interested in participating in the development of these guidelines, which would be used by the Seattle Design Review Board for projects subject to such review. The goal is for final design guidelines to be ready for City Council review by 10/2001; however, this may be delayed by some community members' interest in proceeding more slowly and deliberately with this process. The other effort is the Northgate - 5th Avenue Streetscape Design Project Overview, whose name bespeaks its purpose: to plan a pedestrian-friendly streetscape on 5th Avenue NE and to propose ways to enact that plan. Contact Ann Sutphin at the Strategic Planning Office at (206) 684-8374 or Susanne Friedman at the Planning Commission at (206) 684-8694 for details.

As at most of the Northgate meetings, strong community sentiment was voiced for daylighting Thornton Creek. Activists also expressed concerns that the government agencies may be backing away from a focus on locating public facilities on the South lot, and may be pursuing the "string of pearls" development option instead, using 5th Avenue NE as the connection. The Seattle Planning Office does intend to sponsor community involvement events, hopefully monthly, to keep the coordinated discussion alive. Per Councilmember Conlin, the inter-agency team that has put on the series of Northgate Workshops will continue to meet, internally, as well.

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Maple Leaf Community Council Meeting (January 30, 2001) attracted over 100 people who heard brief presentations agency staff involved with the Northgate workshops.

Department of Neighborhoods reported the general proceedings of the December 2000 workshops and will be working with the various agencies to do a formal report back to the community on February 28th. Details to follow.

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